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Common Myths

Write or Wrong?

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Common Myths about your collision estimate and the insurance claim process with tips to avoid them.

To some people “A Car is A Car,” to others “It’s My Baby,” we understand both.

Deciding who repairs your car falls in your lap, not the Insurance Companies. One of the most common myths is that “You must take your car to a shop on their list.” The reason the Insurance Company keeps a list is that in return, they typically receive concessions, discounts for large volumes of referrals. That in itself is a conflict of interest, and this alone should be enough reason for anyone to avoid the list.

When you accept a refferal from an Insurance Company, ask yourself is it because they feel you will get a quality repair? or is it that they will save money.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule of concessions, but typically only when there's is not a contract involved, in other words, they aren't required to mention a shop, a company is recommending them because they honestly feel you will get quality work and an accurate price. The most common referral of this type is from a Car Dealer; car dealers understand if things go wrong, it makes them look bad for making the recommendation, therefore no conflict of interest.

You as the car owner have the final say as to where your car is repaired and believe it or not, the final say on negotiating cost. Your vehicle is important, to make the decision based solely on a price, set by a 3rd party who has never seen your car is a mistake and not even based on NC Law. NC Law says it’s the decision of the car owner.

The second most common myth about your Insurance claim and Body Shop of choice: “You must get three estimates so the insurance company can pay the smallest.” Think about this one for a minute; the insurance company is asking you to take your valuable time, shop three body shops so they can save money? Again a conflict of interest. You, the car owner have the final say as to the price. The insurance company doesn't know your favorite shop's overhead expenses, the type of materials they use if they use OEM parts, their experience level, their workload, etc. How can the insurance company make this decision for you?.

So you see, the decision is yours, we understand this decision is important, after all, we’ve all heard the horror stories of what a body shop did to a friends car, we understand this decision is important, we also understand it is yours to make.

We work with Insurance Companies, we help our customers understand the claims process, and we are your advocate to make sure your car gets the attention it deserves and the quality it needs.

So yes; you pick the shop, and you negotiate the price, not your insurance company.

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