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Supplemental Charges

What is? and why are they used?

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The supplement is a term used by Insurance Companies and Body Shop's when they find hidden damage. The additional work needed to repair the vehicle back to original condition. The collision shops repairing a vehicle submits other charges “dollars added for additional damages.”

How often does this happen?

Let's think a little; an estimate is an educated guess, a guess based on items we can see, but what about the things we can't see? The items added to the repair as “Supplemental Charges ”. The insurance company has these additional charges built into the collision claims process and always pay the extra expenses when the work is needed and is valid.

We have heard stories about some Body Shops in Raleigh, charging inflated amounts after the work has begun. There is a term called “Low Ball,” it’s when a shop quotes low, gets your car in the shop and then inflates the cost to repair, it’s for this reason Insurance adjusters like to put eyes on the hidden damaged items, and we focus on estimate accuracy. Understanding this supplemental process will help you know the cost and make allowances for extra work if it's needed. Communication in advance is critical.

We hope this helps shed light on the “Supplement” question and you now have a better understanding of the entire repair process.

As we add post’s to our website, we will explain the estimating process and even talk about the terminology and abbreviations found while you look over your estimate. The process can be confusing; we’re here to help.

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